Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big fat "F"

That is what I would be deserving if I was being graded on this blog. "F" This past week was intense! Bugs and Monkey and I had a rough week. By the time the end of the week rolled around we were going to have a "come to Jesus" meeting! I hope with some sleep and snuggles this weekend that this next will look better. At one point my mom called and Monkey was sobbing behind me so she tried to talk to him on the phone. He told her we were treating him like an IDIOT! Uhhhhhh no, I wouldn't fix him something different for dinner then what I had already fixed for the rest of the family. That kid is totally addicted to toaster waffles! He's something!
Walker went back to the vet for his follow up. They took out some of his staples but not the ones on his leg. His ears look good. They want to take the stitches out of his ear next Friday. They tried to charge me for cleaning his ears. I just stared at the women. She said Oh, that's not right. I KNOW! He had surgery on his ears and they deep cleaned them a week ago, NOT PAYING AGAIN!
I'm doing a photo challenge for October. I set it up and picked the words. I have stumped myself TWICE. Genius aren't I!
A few weeks ago I got new goblets from Joy's yard sale. Yesterday I cleaned out my hutch to make room. I am totally disgusted at the amount of dust in something that is almost never opened! While I was doing it I got my grandmother's teacup shelf back out and up on the wall so my teacups could go back on it and out of my hutch, thus making room for the goblets. :) See .... method to my madness. So I had move my hutch down the wall to put the shelf up. I don't know if my grandpa made this shelf or not but it is well made. It has 3 holes in each side to hang it by. Luck would have it that Dh found studs for both sides! YEAH. That does not happen often! It looks a bit odd with the hutch off center but I'd rather have that and the shelf up then no shelf.
I hope you have a blessed week.


  1. This is going to be a good week your coming to Bellbuckle :)

  2. You don't deserve an 'f' do have a life other than updating us on every belch and move everyone makes. Last week was rough...cut yourself some slack my friend! We love you! And we love Monkey and Bugs...we hope that they learn their lesson so no one has to meet Jesus ;)

  3. Oh boy! Take pictures of the new arrangement in the hutch and on the shelf!