Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

This is my bouquet of flowers I got from Pike Place Market. I love them! I could get one of these every week.

Daddy starting the pumpkins. This one had the thickest skin of any EVER!

Monkey and his jack o lantern

Bugs and his. They really had a good time doing them.

Before we had a street full of kids Dh needed to do some leaf maintenance. I have already slipped on wet leaves and fell up our porch. UP the stairs. Who does that? ME!

T2 helping daddy get the blower/vac set up.

T2 trying to vacuum me up.

Watching his dad work.

He really was having fun.

Daddy's little helper. The blower is as big as him.

Emptying the bag.

Monkey was having so much fun! You know if we had asked him to do it he wouldn't have wanted to and it wouldn't have been as much fun.

Look Mom!

For our Sunday dinner we had Mummy Dogs. It was funny. Everyone was here and we had pigs in a blanket, chili and fries. Everyone ate!

Some of the gang.

Skater - not enough chairs at the table.

Monkey as Shadow Ninja

Bugs as Snake Eyes

Ninja boys.

The pumpkins all lite up!
My friend got a positive cancer diagnosis. Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She finds out a treatment plan this next week. I'm so sad for her.
My other friends husbands cancer is back after 5 years. I hate this for everyone involved.
Have a blessed week.


  1. Your boquet is beautiful. Love those fall flowers. I feel so bad for Ray and Paula. I will put them on our prayer list.

  2. Skater is looking a bit scruffy...poor guy no room at the table! I LOVE you made the Mummy Dogs even though you have a few people that are not hot dog eaters! Would have gone great with Chili...sounds yummy!!! As for the leaf blower...if it's a chore it's never fun!!! I love that T2 just watched for some it...goofy kids! Everyone looks SO happy sitting around the you!!!

  3. Oh and I LOVE the bouquet...would love to have one every day...beautiful!!!