Saturday, October 30, 2010

Super Saturday

Dh's mom is here. She came for his party and is staying for a bit. She will be 94 in December. She has spent her entire life between Spokane and Colfax (and the surrounding area). She has been to Chewelah and Dh took her to Vancouver once. She thinks we live on the other side of the world! We took her to Seattle today to Pike Place Market. I LOVE going there. She seemed to like it but all the walking wore her out I think. It was BEAUTIFUL - yesterday! It rained on us! We had fun anyways.

Off the elevator from the parking garage heading in.

In the Polish Pottery Store. I love the beautiful things in this store.

Just some of the oddities of Pike Place.

A man playing the piano outside in the rain.

I love watching people come and pick and choose the perfect bouquet for them. I of course brought one home too.

I don't always "get" the color choices.

The bird was outside Red Robin on the wharf. It was watching in the window as we ate. I was hoping we could sit outside and eat, it was pouring!

Headed out to look at a few more shops.

Dh and his mom.

Sylvester the Mummy

Sylvia the Mummy

This is how gross it was outside, the clouds weren't even above the buildings most of the day!

Gladys on the Seattle Carousel. She said she hadn't been on one since her big kids were very small, Dh thought today was a good day to do one again. She LOVED it!

The Space Needle as we drove by. I was sitting at a light when I took this. I think that is as clear as the sky ever got today. Just gross Fall weather.
I hope you have a great Sunday.


  1. Isn't it just like you to make lemonade out of lemons! I LOVE Pike's Place Market ... must go back soon.

  2. I LOVE all your pictures! So glad you bought yourself the perfect bouquet! My favorite part of your blog is Gladys getting on the almost 94...why not and that day was as good as any other! LOVE IT!