Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stephen King

Today I went to my Wed. house. It was totally decorated for Halloween. I just hate Halloween.
See this spider? When you make a loud sudden noise it goes down on it's "web" and chatters then slowly backs back up the string. I set it off 3 times! It scared me each and every time! I KNEW it was there! I'm such a dork.

THEN I am cleaning a small bathroom - sink and throne - I'm washing the sink and I happen to glance up in the mirror I see a clown and don't think anything of it, then I think that wasn't there before and then I look up again and K (guy) is standing behind me in an UGLY clown mask! I gasped and then said SHIT! Scared the daylights out of me. He was laughing so hard he almost tripped backwards over a toy. I called him an ass! Probably not the nicest/best way to handle it but he scared me! I told him every hair on my head was standing straight up! My fingertips were tingling! He was laughing SO HARD. He said Are you afraid of clowns? I said WHO ISN'T? ??? I said that was my Stephen King moment come to life. He thought he was hilarious. He said he got the ugly mask to scare his sister who is scared of clowns. I said K that isn't a nice clown mask! I'm not scared of clowns at the circus or anything but that was a scary mask and meant to scare people. I don't DO scary. Dh called me to ask me something and I told him I just called my boss an ass. I told him the story and he was LAUGHING too! What a bunch of creepy guys.
I hope you have a scare free day!


  1. That was SO not nice of your boss!!! And that spider is just wrong! I don't do Halloween either...just not my top of list of things to do. You know what they say about Karma....

  2. I'm crying from laughing!

    oh you and the spiders to! oh man