Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And they're off.......

Busy weekend part 2.
Saturday we were given free passes to the horse races. I had never been and neither had Rescue Rita. So Dh and The Littles and us girls took off for the races. I had no idea what to expect. Bugs had a less then wonderful attitude and said it was going to be Nascar with horses. Isn't he charming. We found our seats and Dh had the boys pick a winner and then he bet. Monkey won 4 dollars I think. We had so much fun!

Rescue Rita and Dh and Monkey.

It was a beautiful day. Not hot not raining just nice and sunny.

Calling the horses.

My winner!

Finally got him to look at me.


After the races we went to Rain Forest Cafe. Monkey was a brand new baby the last time we were there. He had such a good time and loved it. Bugs? Not so much. He was still having an attitude.

Tossing penny's.

They both wanted them.


Give me 4!

They have beautiful fish tanks.


A beautiful butterfly! Name that movie?

Sending pictures to Heir to make him jealous.

This is how his dinner went. 13 is a short year, right?

Here fishy fishy.

We decided to share a dessert. It was very yummy!

Starry starry night...... I want this on my bedroom ceiling.

Bug for Bugs.

Creepy eyes but I love real gorilla's and watch them all day long.

I have tried for 2 days to upload this post. It confirms what I have always thought. Blogger hates me. Sigh.



  1. I don't know the movie...what is it? Was there nothing on the menue for the vegitarian?? I predict 13 to be a long year as will the year 9. I wish you luck and God speed! I love the races it's SO fun!! I think Rain Forest Cafe is fun to walk around in, but their food is gross...sorry! Glad you guys enjoy them! :)

  2. Our Rainforest Cafe was lost in the floods last year :( You can be 13 and not be THAT ugly. you want me to send his Uncle B to you, he won't tolerate it. He knows how to jerk 12/13 year olds jaws!
    LOVE horse races!~

  3. I want to see Uncle B jerk jaws. I love the RainForest Cafe. And Anita - I don't think their food is gross. I would have love the horse races too, how come I don't get to do anything fun?

  4. I had a blast!! Never been to the races before and now I know why. I think I could become addicted to them if I lived closer and had someone who would go with me. I also love to go to the Rain Forest Cafe, it makes me feel like a kid:) Thanks again Nikki, for inviting me to tag along with your family. It was great fun with great friends, even though a certain young man had an attitude. Rita