Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Apples again!

Monkey lost ANOTHER tooth! At home to boot! His smile is all kinds of messed up!

Monkey's tooth.

His funky smile.

Today I HAD to do apples. They were still very hard and pretty but I have a busy week after today. So today was it. I was setting it all up and I thought, hmmmmmm I should call my canning partner! Rescue Rita came to help. She is a GREAT peeler/slicer/dicer. I had one pot of applesauce started when she got here.

First canner full. That is 4 jars of applesauce and 3 jars of apple pie filling.
One jar in each batch broke. It's so frustrating! At least it was apple's instead of applesauce. I have been canning for over 25 years. I guess the jars do wear out but boy what a pain!

My wonderful helper! She is fast!

Bugs doing a compost run for me. He was looking for apple seeds. He thinks he can grow us our own Buckley Giant tree.

Rescue Rita licking the apple pie sauce container. It is SO good!

The finished products! 8 quarts of applesauce and 6 jars of apple pie filling. Also a gallon bag of sliced apples for a cobbler. And one pint of applesauce that Bugs has already eaten.

Tada! And my apples are done!



  1. Isaac is his own Jack o Lantern! and Weeda is eating your profits!

  2. HA! Love that Rescue Rita is eating the profits! That one made me laugh! School pictures for Monkey oughtta be a hoot this year!