Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anita was here!

On Saturday Anita and her boys came to visit.  I had some fruit in my freezer that was hers and it needed to go to it's home.  We always have so much fun together.  I made her look through ALL of mine and Auntie's Laura pictures.  She seemed to like them all.  I know it's a bit overwhelming but she was a good sport.   I love being with her.  We can either be talking a hundred miles an hour or just sitting and being quiet but together.  Totally comfortable in each other's company.  I love that about her. 

Eli and Mama jumping on the jumpoline!  

Dru, Eli and Anita

Neighbor girl in the mix!

Anita stole some of Heir's blueberries. I told on her!

Monkey actually lost a tooth at HOME! He was so excited.

Jay on the fence. They are so pretty. Bugs took this picture.


  1. I LOVED hearing all about your trip! You have made history come alive for me...I truly do want to read those books...and the series. Never a dull moment when we are together! I LOVE you!

    Great picture Bugs! And I was so excited to be there when Monkey lost his tooth!!! WHOOPEEE!!!

  2. He lost a tooth at home????????????? way to go !