Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend in Review

My parents came for the weekend. It was my mom's uncle's 95Th birthday.
They had a family get together to celebrate Uncle George. We had a good time visiting with everyone.

Uncle George

Uncle George and my mom.

Family chatting

Rescue Rita is German and this shirt CRACKED me up. I wanted her to see it.

Everyone chatting.
After we got home we rested up a bit then we had been invited back out to Tim and Theresa's for a BBQ and a bon fire. My parents had to miss the family gathering the week before so my dad was anxious to see and visit with Tim and Theresa. We had a great time sharing stories and experiences. It was a REALLY nice evening.

Tim yet again starting the bon fire with a flame thrower. STILL cracks me up.

It's burning!
Bugs did so much fishing again. I don't even want to know how many little catfish he brought home in his bucket. He did say he let most of them go to grow into big fish! Isn't he precious.

Tim, Dad, Mom, Theresa

I have said for a long time that I wished my parents lived closer so they could come to dinner on Sunday's when we have dinner all together. I know it's loud and crowded but it's so nice touching base with each other that I wish they could be here for it. My dad is the get up and get on the road kind of guy so I never thought that they would stay late enough for it. Well this visit was different. They just planned on staying until Monday. YEAH!! Drummer and Bugs and I made a batch of ice cream earlier in the day and put it in the freezer so it would be a bit firmer.

Bugs taking a turn.

T2 watching. He didn't want to crank it.

Drummer did a bang up job.

Dh and my dad had gotten up early and took off salmon fishing. My dad caught 2 very small ones and had to put them back. Dh on the other hand will just about always out fish everyone without even trying. He STILL feels really bad tonight. I just think it's funny! He can't help that he is a really good fisherman!

3 salmon that will be headed home with my parents. We do NOT need it!

After dinner we made a second batch of ice cream. Princess liked cranking. She didn't want to give Buster a turn. He kept saying Me do it! Princess really has to work on sharing.

Buster not doing so well at the waiting for his turn either.

So I had him help hold it steady! He liked that!

Bugs taking a turn with Buster's help.

Monkey taking a turn.

Dad and Scout relaxing and waiting for ice cream!

It was so great having my parents here for the weekend and for today.

I hope you have a blessed week!



  1. Wow! It looks like you had a great family filled weekend. I love the shirt, and you know I LOVE sour kraut! Again with the homemade ice cream and still no invite!:) Glad your parents could stay till monday and get in on all the noise and fun of sunday family dinner. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your weekend. Love, another sour kraut!

  2. you really had a good weekend. I'm glad you and Mom went.

  3. I want to know what flavor ice creams you made??? Strawberry?? Chocolate?? It looks like so much fun that weekend! Did your parents have fun? Are they glad they stayed?