Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today was take your son to work day. You didn't know that? Huh well Monkey went with me and had a good time with Charlotte's grandkids. He is exhausted from running. They are good sports to let him tag along.

I got this one today.
When Auntie and I were on our trip we planted a Letterbox before I came home. We couldn't find a craft store for love nor money so we ended up just using my stamp. Since I was at the craft store tonight I looked for another stamp. Ideally I would carve my own but since we all know that isn't going to happen........ They had buy one get one half off. These were the 2 I got. Not sure which one I will use.

I wanted a hummingbird, they didn't have one.

These are this years fair entries.

Don't these look like winners?



  1. Any running around for boys is GOOD...and he's tired...that's the end goal!!

    Your fair entries look wonderul!! I don't think I've seen the Hummingbird one before...VERY cool!

    I'd pay money to see you carve your own stamp...could get funny ;)

  2. ALL WINNERS! Anita doesn't think you can carve a stamp :) I've read about kits to do it. I've thought about it.
    If you send me hummingbird pictures all winter I may have to damage you!

  3. Don't believe her Nikki she could not damage a soul. They are all good. We have hummingbirds here. I need to get a feeder. "They are in the lilies every day.