Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Crescent Bar

Last Wednesday my Anita and I and her 4 boys and The Littles all took off for our yearly Crescent Bar fix! Oh we had a great time. We had a few little glitches, of course. The first of which was that there was a big sign on the gate of the pool. Closed, the motor is broken. Bugs was so upset he went and crawled back in bed and hid his head. So we took off to the beach instead and played in the river. It was fine. Just different then the plan and tradition. I went into panic mode though. After lunch we took off to Wenatchee to find beach/sand toys. On the way there we got into a traffic jam that turned out to be a terrible terrible accident. We never heard how it all ended up. I hope everyone was OK. It didn't appear that they were. We went to Target and found what we were looking for and headed back to Crescent Bar. There was NOT ONE sign of the accident. They clean up crew was fantastic! The only thing we could see was the spray paint marking things on the road. And wouldn't you just know it, when we got back and after dinner, the pool was open! It was all fixed. WHEW!

A mama and her baby. There was 2 doe's and 3 babies. They were eating the golf course.

Friday at the river. We HAD to use our beach/sand toys at least once. Dru kept saying he had doofus. It was said more then once. When I finally got what he was saying and tried to tell his mama I was laughing so hard I couldn't talk. It was ridiculous. He was saying he had TWO FISH! Bugs had caught 2 fish for him with his net. He was beyond thrilled. So was I, he had doofus! I love those boys. Mr. cutie pie Eli called me Auntie all weekend and made my heart sore!

It is such a beautiful place there.

Back at the pool.

Anita making ice cream. We didn't do it last year and we missed it. It was so good. We need to remember fruit next time though.

Monkey's turn.

Bugs helping Eli.

Bugs and his GQ look.

Do these gargles (yes I know. Thats how he says it. He also says snarkle instead of snorkle) make my face look big?

Eating the fruits of their labor! They loved it. There was enough for them to have some more after lunch before we headed for home.

It was a wonderful time. I'm ready to go back already. Sun Sand and Water. What is not to love.



  1. Oh you did a great job!! You even got the doofus in there! I'm so glad the pool opened...it would have been crazy going there on the weekends...the river that is. I had so much fun and can't wait for next year...if it happens ;) I love you guys!

  2. doofus LOLOLOL Everyone had a great time I can see.. signed "your stalker"