Monday, August 8, 2011

Blueberry Hill

This weekend was very busy. We were just off having fun. It started on Friday. Rescue Rita and I got the call that the blueberries were ready. So since Dh was home we decided to do it sans kids. They weren't so much help picking Raspberries. So off we went. We needed a tiny bit of a snack to sustain us for the picking so we stopped at Sonic's.

Trying to decide what we wanted.

The "before" picture.

The "after" picture. Rita's mom weighed them and we had about 15 pounds. 4 - 10 cup bags and 2 cups to eat fresh. YUMMY!

Then we headed out to visit some family of Rita's. We had a lovely visit. Rita asked me to tell her about my Laura trip. I LOVE talking about it. I just hope people catch my passion for how much fun and interesting it was! Then we headed out to Birch Bay.

I was going for a cool picture. This wasn't it but it is as good as it got.

We went to a place to have dinner. We sat outside in the sunset. It was very nice.

Of course she's on the phone!

I haven't touched up this picture at all. It was that orange. Isn't it beautiful.

I could see this every day and never get bored.

Mount Baker in the distance.

The moon as we ended our day. It was so nice!

Tomorrow on to Saturday.



  1. I can't believe I didn't get blueberries!!!!

  2. I would have loved to have been with yu but you could have had the blueberries. Loved the orange picture. Its awesome.

  3. I love the title...I started singing it... Not only did you have a productive day it looks like you had a nice dinner and visit, w/o kids! You guys picked GOOD! I always like your pictures, you take such good ones. And I too could never get tired of looking at a sunset over the water!! Too vivid and amazing to not like!