Friday, October 9, 2009

Point Defiance Zoo

Anita and I had planned on going to the zoo today. I had the forethought to ask what zoo last night or we would have been at 2 different zoo's. She at Pt. Defiance and me at Woodland. Thankfully that didn't happen. We went to Point Defiance Zoo. I have so many wonderful memories of PD. It was the only zoo I went to as a child. It was so much fun. Back then you could buy a little paper bag of chopped up fish and feed the seals and walrus's. Now of course you can't. But oh we had fun today. I was a bit sad that the beluga whales are gone. One has died and one is loaned for breeding in Texas. I think it's been probably 12/13 years since I've been there. Anita had her 2 nieces and 1 nephew and her 4 kids and I had my Littles. We were a crowd!

Everyone as we started out.

As we walked in.

I have turned into my husband! (He runs into people he knows even FAR from home). I was standing at the owls and all of a sudden I said I KNOW HER! I pointed at DeAnn until she noticed me then we hugged and laughed. This her and her granddaughter Leona. She is so pretty! I'm jealous she gets her granddaughter very often! It was good to run into her and hug her.

Bugs and the polar bear

Monkey and Lee


One of 3 walrus's
Dru and the Walrus right before he turned himself inside out and screamed. We laughed, it was funny. Poor Dru.

Bottom of the aquarium covered in starfish.

DubDub statue for my Mama and Auntie
The elephants. I know they are so beautiful, but it just seems wrong for them to be there.
Lane wrestling a snake.
Aren't they sweet!
Mr. Tiger ready for dinner and waiting to go in.
In the mirror
Mt. Reindeer (Rainer), according to Monkey, on the way home.
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Today was GREAT! You got some awesome pictures!!!! Next time we need to do Northwest Trek...and maybe bring a Tasty treat or two ;)

  2. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I want to go!!!!!!! Thank you for Dub Dub. You know that pic of your mom and i sitting with white dresses on in front of a rose garden? That was taken at Pt. Defience. I also remember Uncle Lyle and my mother fishing out in a boat there and her getting the worst sunburn of her life on her knees.. She wore a hat :) I have more memories of Pt Defience then I have space!

  3. I remember her sunburn too. Oh how I remember Dub Dub. He was an icon. I remember that picture being taken too. Love it there. You really should go see Aunt Jackie when you are that close.