Saturday, October 31, 2009


Bugs at his school dance. Yes he was sweating that hard. He never stopped dancing.

Bugs and his friend.
Today it poured down rain ALL day. I did some more baking. T2 had asked for more cinnamon rolls. This is Monkey with his frosting beater.
Heir Apparent with his. He was not impressed I was taking his picture. He knew where it would end up. :D

Monkey pointing out the D for his Auntie.

We had no trick or treaters because it was really icky weather. Then all of a sudden the rain and wind stopped and they were out like crazy! Ashley and Caleb came. He would have rather stayed and played with The Littles. They love it when he comes to play.

To Infinity and BEYOND!
Buzz Lightyear


RED Ninja.

Good night Halloween


  1. LOVED THE WHOLE BLOG! and thank you Isaac :)

  2. Where is MY beater? And my cinnamon roll? Sheesh!