Sunday, October 25, 2009


This has been a very quiet weekend.
I went scrap booking on Friday night. It lightening and thundered and poured. We wondered if we would be doing it in the dark. But alas the powered stayed on. I am working on my Tennessee trip still. I am through the Amish but not through the quilt store. The ladies there didn't get my joke about the Amish pig. It's OK, I'm guessing you had to be in the car with us. I am loving how my book is turning out. I ordered to many pictures but I'm never sure what I'm going to want to use so I would rather have extra pictures then not have what I need to complete a page.
Dh has had a little room he's working on so that's good. We just need 52 more weeks of a house or two.
Saturday I didn't even get dressed. It was very cold and dark and rainy and I was tired so I just did as little as possible. :D Don't judge, it worked for me. lol
Today Heir apparent had a football game and Dh is still working on the little job so T2 and Monkey went to Heir's house to play Wii and to hand out. Bugs was at his friend's and Skater and I just hung at at home. I made brownies for the week's lunches and did the rest of the laundry. Isn't my life just beyond exciting? I know your jealous.
The Littles are back in full time school this week. Conferences and half days are done. T2 is liking his job and it's his kind of hours. All is ok. It can and has been much much worse. Life is good. Have a good week.


  1. I'm so glad you have had a good week!

  2. They didn't get the AMISH PIGS???? comeon people!