Monday, October 5, 2009

Trip with Rescue Rita

My Rescue Rita grew up Mennonite. Every year they hold several Relief sales through out the US and Canada as a way to raise money for missions. They dig wells in third world countries and teach farming and help their retired ministers and things like that. The sale is of donated items and handmade quilts. Some are machine pieced and quilted and some are all hand done. Those of course go for more money. It's an auction so it gets exciting. Rita asked me to go with her for the second year. It was so much fun. I sat in on a little informational thing about how Mennonites started and what the differences are between Mennonite/Hutterites/Amish. It was very interesting. If your interested just ask and I'll let you know.

Rescue Rita driving along. (Friday)

Saturday at the sale grounds. This man is making apple butter. They also sell every kind of pie you could think of. I had Marion berry. YUMMY. They also sell sausage and cheese and course ground wheat and corn meal. There was lots of food booths too.

Hand pieced, hand quilted by a women who's last name was Yoder. She donated 3. This one went for the highest at $1700.00. It was stunning!

This was one appliqued then quilted by hand. There was so many beautiful quilts. After the sale we stopped by the Mennonite cemetery. There was not one blade of grass there. I asked Rita's dad if that was a cultural thing or just a location thing. He thought it was just so there wasn't the need for water or grass upkeep. It's in the middle of a field. It needs a bit of care though and we couldn't decide if it was because it was up to the families or just a new situation that needs attention.

We didn't see any 2000 headstones but did see some in the late 1990's so not sure it's used much anymore. I just found it fascinating. But there was 5 graves that had collapsed and it was really eerie and sad. It just needs some attention.
Saturday night we stayed in Ellensburg. We tried to swim but the pool was FREEZING cold. So I stayed in the hot tub. Not to tell all our secrets but just so you know if you try to call the front desk from the phone in the pool area with the LARGE 911 sign above it, the police call to see if you have an emergency. Just saying.
Snow on Blewitt Pass on the way to Leavenworth. First we stopped at a really nice fruit stand.

Rita and the scarecrow. I couldn't decide if the cat was real or not and stood there for a long time watching it's chest. It was a real kitten. It was just happy for any lap.
At the fruit stand they had local wine, so they also had a wine tasting area. Which we used. :-) Rita liked the Peach something or other. I really liked a Rhubarb one. It was good. Some not so much.

Rita at the fruit stand. One of those white squash rolled down and I caught it in my feet as I was taking the picture. Rita and I always laugh when we are together. Sometimes the strangest things happen to us.
When we got to Leavenworth we went looking around. Rita saw this man and decided we needed a buggy tour. It was so much fun! The man (can't remember his name) was very nice and informative. Rita will talk to ANYONE! I can't remember his name but the horse is Buddy.

On we go.

Mr. sat sideways and chatted with Rita the whole way. She loved it!

A VW Thing! My first car.

I cracked up when I saw this car. I so wish I could find one for a kid car.

Rita enjoying our ride!

Flowers were still very pretty on all the balconies

A very fancy bird house.
The Wedding House
Thank you so much Ladies, Thank you sir! We(Rita) had a really good dinner at her favorite German restaurant. Me? Not so much. :-) It was icky and I sent it back. I had ice cream for dinner. It was delicious. Then we had to come home.
Fall colors on Steven's Pass on our way home.
I hope you have a blessed week.


  1. A beautiful weekend and not one mention of a butthead who yelled at you. I know the difference between the Amish etc :) and Rita should have bought that quilt! AND I'm so not surprised you didn't eat the food!

  2. Oh you guys sound like you had so much fun! And the wine tasting sounds delish! The peach AND rhubarb sound good! How fun to do a buggy ride!!!! I'm glad you went and did this with Rescue Rita!