Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Squirrel revisited and One Year

Today I was at the brother/sister in law's of the Mrs. Client/squirrel. Following so far? So, I'm asking Mr. Twins if he had heard about the squirrel in Mrs. Clients(sister) garage. He said No. So I proceed to tell him the story with all the appropriate motions and he was laughing just as hard as I was after I told him I so wanted to scream and scare the daylights out of her. When all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye Mr. Client is standing beside me! I YELLED. I didn't know he was there and he caught me totally off guard. Then we were ALL laughing! I do not like to be scared like that. Mr. Twins used to scare me all the time walking in and then talking to me when I thought I was alone. Oh it was funny.
Tonight I got invited to the daughter of my friends one year of sobriety celebration. I have never been to a NA meeting before. It was very interesting and moving. It was also a man's 10 year anniversary. People had such nice things to say and encouraging words. It's a very hard path and it's harder yet when you have to deal and make right the decisions you made while you were on drugs. I understand why some choose to not. It takes a huge effort to want to live. Not just exist or be, but to feel and love, to have hopes and dreams. It's work. I was asked to speak, but just couldn't get it together. I can never get my heart and mouth on the same page. So the leader asked about a nick-name I had given her in the height of her abuse and dysfunction. It was Princess Poopy. :) Everyone laughed. I wish I could have spoken eloquently of how proud of her I am. She has caused so much pain and so many sleepless nights and is doing all she can to make it right and to be a good mom now. She's taking responsibility for all her actions. Even when she doesn't like how it makes her feel. She's scared but marching forward to make a good life for son. I hope someday soon this time in her life can really be her past and a memory but not define her future. So God Bless you Ashley on your One Year Clean! Here's to 60 more!


  1. Go Ashley go, darlin we have been praying for you and wishing you the best/

  2. Still laugh/crying over the squirrel~

    God bless Ashley.. Proud of her.

  3. All teary eyed over your post of Ashley! She's doing SO good! And I love hearing updates about her and her boy...God does work miracles in miraculouse ways!!!