Thursday, October 15, 2009

A wordless Wednesday On Thursday

This is what I was going to post yesterday for Wordless Wednesday. T2 and Bolt and Scout.

This is Curtis. His mama is my client. If you think about it please Pray for C. She is just beginning her journey with breast cancer and really could use some prayers.

Curtis was told Lets go baby and he went and got his purse and he's ready to go!
He used to carry his mama's purse but he kept spilling it so she gave him his own. He also will carry the mail for you.

Out the door they go. Bye C and Curtis. Have a good day. :-) They did.

When I walked up to the back door this is what greeted me. Oh I hate Halloween! LOL Their grand kids LOVE it when Ma (what they call her) decorates for Halloween. She hasn't felt well the last few weeks so I wasn't sure she was going to do it. So when I saw this this morning I was really pleased even though I hate it. LOL It means C felt well enough to decorate! That is good news. For that reason it's my Thankful Thursday.



  1. OK I totally just shivered from the decorations...but you are right though. She had a good day today! So cute the dog got her own And then T2...he looks a bit happier and quite snuggled there with Scout and Bolt...

  2. LOL I need to teach Penny to carry my stuff!

  3. I just saw that scary, whatever that thing is and shivered AGAIN!