Friday, October 16, 2009

Lego's and some rain

It's been a very quiet Friday. And wet! So The Littles have had a Lego night. they were trying to get to the ceiling. They couldn't reach that high and they didn't want help.



It was raining so hard it was coming over the top of the gutter's. I also came to realize it's probably time to pull the table and chairs in and bring the umbrella to the garage. It's suppose to do this all weekend long. Isn't that precious.



  1. OH that umbrella looks drenched!! How creative of the littles to make a tower to the ceiling! I like how they both have their arms crossed and not really smiling...that's funny! Isn't the rain something? Frank needs to clean our gutters out but he's been needing to do that for almost 2 years it probably won't happen ;)