Monday, October 26, 2009

A Squirrel and some babies.

Today was a typical normal Monday. I went to my clients and was doing my thing and went to take the trash out and as I opened the garage door a HUGE squirrel was sitting there staring at me! I shut the door! Took a deep breath and cracked it again and it was STILL sitting there! I told Mrs. Client Uuh you have a critter in your garage. She came and looked and THEN proceeded to take it some food and set it IN THE GARAGE. I then went out to get a trash bag and realized it had been trying to get into a trash bag I had sat out there earlier to take it all in one trip. Mrs. Client got her camera and went out to try and get it's picture while it was sitting on her stroller. As she is walking very slowly and creeping out there I had to FIGHT the HUGE urge to SCREAM and scare the living daylights out of her! When she came back I was laughing so hard at my own thoughts. She said if I had done that she would have CRAPPED! Still laughing! I moved the food out of the garage so I could walk back and forth without fear of RABIES! :) As I was leaving it was still sitting right by the garage eating. I think it must have been very hungry.

Yesterday I got this....... A new Baby Joel picture. Doesn't he look beautiful?

Princess in her Lilibug costume.

My favorite Princess.



  1. LOVE the costume!!! I can't believe how big she is!! That baby Joel is getting big!!! And growing just HANDSOMELY ;)

  2. THE SQUIRREL STORY CRACKED ME UP!!!!!!!!!! Lili is a true princess~