Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday dump

Paula's birthday dinner. Happy Birthday Paula.

The rest of the gang

Video call with Princess. Such a pistol. I miss her so much it aches.

Heir Apparent and his new "do" The longer it gets the curlier it gets like his dad's. He is like me and gets cold sores when he's stressed.

Our Fall colors starting to really come out.

I had Bug's and Monkey's conferences this week. They are doing well in school. They both seemed to have settled in. They have their area's that need some attention but are doing well. WHEW!

I would love everyone to pray for a lovely lady Charlotte. She starts her journey with breast cancer tomorrow. First round of chemo.



  1. I have been praying for her Nikki. It will be tough bu worth it.

  2. Happy birthday Paula~ no one told me :( Charlotte is on our prayer list~