Saturday, June 27, 2009

It just bugs me!

My friend Rescue Rita came and took me out for dinner and a movie tonight. We went to Olive Garden and had grown up dinner and lovely conversation. It was so nice. THEN we went to the movie. We went to see My Sister's Keeper. Sigh...... never see the movie of a good book you have read and liked. It wasn't a bad movie, it just wasn't the same as the book. It ended totally different. Rita was very pleased I didn't say WHAT THE ........ when the movie took a turn South. I just hate it when they do that. Well have a good Saturday.


  1. The movie never lives up to the book. I think the only movie I liked better was the Shining :)

  2. The one movie like that I can remember being totally butchered was the book Congo. The movie was HORRID! I'm glad you had a good adult time with Ms. Rita! You had a GOOD Saturday!