Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bob the Frog

Yesterday Daddy came home with a HUGE frog for Bugs. Heir Apparent and Roommate and Girlfriend came over for a while in the afternoon. They had been out for his birthday lunch. You did know his birthday is a National Holiday - right? no? hmmmm you didn't get the memo.

Dh and Bob

Girlfriend and Bob. She's upping her chances. Just in case.
People pile!
Girlfriend, Heir apparent, Roommate and Monkey and Scout.

Scout is really not sure about Bob.
Bob was released back into the wild, down at our pond right after this. Much to my relief.
Happy Saturday. Peace


  1. one time a frog like that jumped in a caonoe I was in & I jumped right out!!!

  2. LOL I can so see Suzy doing that!!!!

    I'm amazed the frog is not in the house!

  3. Trust me Auntie it wasn't Lane's idea to let it go. I insisted! I wouldn't let it stay even over night. I do have a picture of it in his tank though. It just didn't seem right.

  4. I would not have let it in the door. But BOB? Your father would not find that humerous. Is the girldriend attatched to Dustin or Jessee?

  5. Mom, Isaac and Mandy named him, I didn't. lol Girlfriend is with Dustin.

  6. I love the name!!! Bob will be much happier in the pond.