Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not wordless Wednesday.

I was hoping to get some great pictures of hummingbirds today for Wordless Wednesday. They didn't show up. Sooooo on to plan B.
It has been so warm and beautiful and I am loving it. I do wish we had AC in our house but you know summer is so short I think we will live. Fans moving the hot air around do help. The garden is doing great. A few more days of this nice heat and sun and we will be eating fresh strawberries and raspberries. Heir Apparent put a patio tomato in a pot on the deck and the cats peed on it and killed straight away. dumb cats. The squirrels will not leave the carrots alone in the garden. Heir apparent has talked of a gun, this is serious folks. Critters REALLY need to stay out of the garden.
I got tagged by Lea and her Mustangs and here are my random 6 things......

1. I love to use the "good" dishes

2. I think most things can be made right with popcorn and peanut M&M's.

3. I LOVE to read.

4. I really don't like cooked greens. In a salad they are fine, cooked? not so much.

5. I do not cry at movies. Really.

6. I believe in miracles.

Everyone has been tagged already so I won't pass it on, but I can't wait to read your 6 things.


  1. Cook greens for Nikki: Whale Snot:)

  2. oh my stomach just rolled Auntie!