Sunday, June 14, 2009

The end of the party

I'm sorta a day behind. Yesterday was very nice and warm. We don't have a pool and The Littles got tired of the sprinkler, soooooo this was the answer. Hey it worked for them. Even though Monkey had a shirt on he still got red on his neck and arms. He is soooo white. Poor kid.

Monkey in his pool.

Bugs building a dam.

Bugs and Monkey in their pools. See that bucket? We had been filling it with hot water. I'm a good mama that way.

This was The Littles today before Bugs went on a "date" with Melinda. They went to the zoo. Bugs was more excited about feeding the squirrels fishy crackers then the zoo animals.
Tonight Heir Apparent came over and brought Roommate and Girlfriend for dinner. I had offered to cook anything he wanted and he wanted to grill. Oh well it is always fun and we almost never do in the winter so it worked. I think we all ate ourselves silly. I don't know what it is about guacamole....

Heir Apparent blowing out his candles. We didn't have a 2, I didn't think of it a head of time.
It has been a wonderful weekend and on we go to the next..... Peace


  1. I'm gonna remember the cooler when we go camping...and your food will be in it!

  2. I could do a pool like that!