Friday, June 12, 2009

Heir Apparent

Happy Birthday Son. He was born at a whopping 10 lbs 8 oz. 22 inches long. I had read every book and knew all I needed to know, THEN they wanted me to bring him home! I told the nurse you had to take a test to drive what the heck was wrong with people to just send babies home with people! We brought him home and we all survived. It made a huge difference that I had the "good" baby first. He slept and was very happy when he was awake.

He loves to fish and hike and all things sports.

I texted him last night and told him he was now closer to 30 then 20 and he said that made ME very old. I called him a butthead. :) We love this boy.

Happy Birthday son.



  1. Oh Heir Apparent WOULD say that too you wouldn't he! He IS a butthead, but a loveable one! I hope he has a good birthday today.

  2. I'm sure he had a grand celebration. Remember Daniel was 26 when he got married :) I really would like to see Dustin dressed up in the little white suit for his birthday~

  3. U always had the prettiest babies cousin Nikki :)