Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's all fun and games until an eye gets poked out.

It has cooled down 30' today. No rain... yeah! Anita came up and visited us today and brought her little men with her. I am so thankful for this girl. She has been such a blessing this year and has come so often I can almost trick myself into believing she lives closer then she does. I'm pretty sure it's my turn to go down there next time.
Bugs and Anita and baby Eli.

This is the baby version of "How you doing?"

Uncle Carmen and Eli making goo goo eyes.

Uncle Carmen was the BEST EVER tonight as he made a bon fire for many small boys! They had so much fun and so much stickiness!

Trying to be patient and waiting until it was just right. Think the neighbors minded the smoke?

Walker hoping someone would drop something delicious.

Monkey eating his smore and Lee gave his to his brother, he was done.

Can you guess the secret? (Anita's mouth is full) Eli wasn't into the fire but Ian LOVED his smore!

Bugs finishing his.

Monkey gave up on the whole mess and just wanted the marshmellow.

Seconds anyone??

My hands are sticky!

Daddy doing it 2 fisted style.

Dru liked the idea but not the mess.

It was so nice seeing the boys this visit and now that I'm not in a fog it was really good to see Anita. I hope everyone had as nice a day as us. Peace


  1. OH S'MORE'S what a great idea~

  2. We had SO much fun! Thank you for having us and indulging some little boys with the smores! LOVE you!