Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Schools out for summer!

Today was Bugs last day of school. He has had the best year EVER! We thought last year would be hard to top but this year was so good. I wish we could take this teacher with us. I know, I know he needs the experience but this women just "got" him and it was like watching a flower bloom in real time.

Monkey can start school in the Fall, much to his father's horror. He and I are both ready. I know there will be tears (mine not his) and it will be rough but he really needs to go. It will be fine. :)

Skater dude got his diploma today. Which cracks me up, not sure what they are going to hand him Thursday at his ceremony. I am so proud of them all. It was a difficult year for us but we all made it through.

I got a clean bill of health and a pass to get back to my life today.. oh yippee. I bet these guys will expect me to do my own chores now. bummer.


  1. I can't believe you guys are out of school already!! Ian's last day is tomorrow but really it's Monday! Wow! I'm so glad Bugs had such a good year...I can't wait to experience one of those. I'm excited for Monkey to start school, he's gonna have so much fun! I am SO proud of Skater dude! I'm so glad you are doing better, but for the chores part...just don't tell them and hope they keep doing the chores?

  2. I'm very proud of those boys :)

    And remember we already have back to school stuff at Walmart ~