Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good Friends, Good Food and Fun

My friends and I all went out to celebrate my birthday last night. We do this for every one's and this was my turn so my pick. We went to Outback. I had never been there before. The food was very good. Our waiter, not so much. I don't know if we made him nervous our what. He was kind of a goofball. I know how hard wait service is so am not knocking him but our service wasn't good. BUT we had so much fun. We laughed - we always do.
I don't have permission to post pictures so I'm not naming them but you will recognize Anita and Eli.

Anita and Eli.
We have done this for about 8 or 9 years. I'm very glad and thankful for everyone of these ladies. One is missing, she was ill. She was missed and I know she missed us.
Heir Apparent took Bugs and Monkey to the show and Skater Dude went with too. They said they had fun. T2 went straight from work to a concert. So Dh had a very quiet night at home alone. That almost never happens to him. He said it was very quiet - UNTIL The Littles and Skater Dude came home. Then you can just imagine the excited volume.
Drummer boy and family are coming for the 4th. I'm excited to have my girl again. I will feel like having her this time. She is such a joy to us. I am glad she is coming and bringing her parents with her. Have a lovely Wed.


  1. You should have had someone take a picture of the birthday girl!!!! I love the Giant Onion thingy at the Outback. not to eat just to look at.

  2. Auntie thats why I wanted to go there! I saw that on the commercial. It was very good. Anita about choked on the dipping sauce, but she's a woosy and doesn't do HOT. :) and HOT it was. I did have a picture of me and thought I included it.

  3. OH YEAH! That's about all I got...lol I had so much fun thank you for inviting me to come and the rest of the ladies letting me come ;). We will have to go to that one Italian restaurant though..I'm still thinking about the bread you guys were talking about.