Sunday, June 28, 2009

Peaceful Sunday

Today was a very relaxing day. I did some laundry and put up strawberries and raspberries in to gallon bags and then the freezer. I don't like to make jam in the summer so it's in the freezer until it's cooler.
My auntie and I were trying to have a video call and it just wasn't working when Yummy was there. My kids LOVE that boy they were so bummed. So after it was all quiet we figured out Skype and did that. It worked soooooo good. no delay, not fuzzy pictures. We talked a long time it was just like being there. She even got to see Monkey put in his room. :)

Auntie and I on Skype
Auntie figured out I was taking her picture. Funny lady.

My new flowers and flower box. and part of my new hanging baskets.

Skater dude and T2 at dinner tonight.

Monkey took my picture at dinner.

Dh and his soda

My cake. LOTS of candles

Heir Apparent lighting the candles

LOTS of hot air

The Dynamic Duo again.
Girlfriend and Heir apparent were in Seattle tonight so they didn't go to dinner but they came for cake.
Have a blessed week.


  1. WE ARE OPRAH~~~~~~~ love your cake :)

  2. TELL me you used your RR coupon!! RASPBERRIES!?! WHAT!?!