Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Take Your Dog to Work Day

When I went to work today I took Scout with me. Where I was has a Chi too and they are friends. Scout loves to go with me and likes Paula and Pritzie.

Scout and Pritzie

Scout stealing the birds bread.

Heir came over since it was nice and started working in the garden. I have a bag of rhubarb cut up for jam or a pie or something. First of the season. I tried for YEARS to grow rhubarb and it would just die. When Heir came home from the military he mostly took over the garden and the rhubarb grows just fine. Ticks me off! Oh and I can't grow cilantro. It just dies. So weird!

T2 helping spread out compost and leaves so it can go tilled in. He was nice to help.

Just before they got called in for the night Monkey told me I needed to come with my camera. The Littles had taken a ladder to the rope that has been hanging in our tree that everyone swings on. They were jumping off the ladder and swinging WAY out over the sidewalk. Dh was NOT impressed. It scared him.

Ready set go!

Headed out over the sidewalk.

And there it is! Daddy was freaking!

And not to be outdone, there goes Monkey.

Daddy was REALLY not impressed with this one!

Back down to earth. WHEW!

Have a great Day!



  1. Oh I love that Scout has a play day! Your boys are NUTS :)

  2. I can see DH wringing his hands the whole time!