Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A boy A fish A snake

This is the reason I don't go fishing much. It happened over 25 years ago but I want to get it written down some where, since this is my journal here it is.
It was a warm summer day. Dh and Heir Apparent and I along with our dog were fishing at Rock Lake. We had been there all morning and it was drop dead gorgeous. Not to hot not to cool. We were catching great big German Browns. We had a stringer full of fish. Heir was sitting in an old lounging lawn chair. He had been having his feet through the mesh slats and was dragging his feet through the dirt. Dh was standing fiddling with his pole. I was standing at the lakes edge with my pole in the water. Lady our dog, was standing beside me. Heir leaned back and picked up his bottle and reclined in the lawn chair. For WHATEVER reason Dh and I both looked back at the same time and saw a 3 foot rattle snake going under the lawn chair. He was not coiled! But he was under my BABY! He was headed to the water we are sure but he was under my baby. YIKES! Dh grabbed Heir by his arm and threw him about 15' to me. I caught him! I grabbed my dog and my baby and was headed into the lake. Dh pointed and screamed at me DON'T MOVE! He grabbed his gun and threw the lawn chair aside and shot the snake. When snakes are dead or hit they do what worms do and wiggle around. Every time it wiggled I screamed again and Dh shot it and then pointed at me and said DON'T MOVE. Every time he shot the gun Lady about came out of her skin. I had a hold of her collar and Heir in the other hand. I was standing in the dirt at the edge of the lake and every time the gun went off I was headed into the lake. I just knew the grass around me was full of snakes and they were going to crawl up me. Dh was good. He shot and the head was off and his gun was empty because I kept screaming every time it moved. He put the gun down and we both sighed. He said it's ok now Babe. I hitched my baby up on my hip, grabbed my dog and hiked up the hill and got in our car. I was DONE! D.O.N.E! I sat in the car while Dh carried the lawn chairs and the ice chest and all our fishing stuff up the hill to the car. Heir and I sat in the car and I wouldn't even roll the window's down. It was HOT in there. THEN to add insult injury Dh got a gunny sack and put the stinking snake in it. When we got back into town we went to my folk's house and my dad helped Dh skin what was left of it and tacked it out so it could dry. We still have the skin and the rattles. Heir loves to hear this story.


  1.'s a good story! I hope you can giggle at least all these years later at the story! I love the picture in my head as the story played out!

  2. I remember the day very well. You came by our house on your way home. You were still shaking.