Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekend Update

I had Princess and Buster Friday. I didn't get much housework done but Princess and I baked banana bread.

She did a great job of pouring stuff in!

Putting the batter in the pan.

TADA! It's done. She told me it was pretty!

Our very silly NON helper! He is the happiest baby.

My little helper.

Today I had a mission to accomplish come hell or high water. I was actually hoping for one of those as a way out. Didn't happen. So Bugs and I got to it.

Bugs is a mini hoarder. He doesn't like to let things go. His room was a pit and I could no longer look the other way. He is a very eclectic boy and his room reflected that. BUT he had been asked to clean it and it was way beyond him. He didn't know where to start. Mama did!

I got him going and then I worked in our family room. I don't go in there and it showed! Bugs did such a good job of following direction and staying on task. We went through his book and toy box. He put some things in a tote to put in the attic. He threw things away that needed to be. Not all but he did a good job. He wants to keep it all I want to throw it all out. So we did a good compromise. His room is very clean and all downstairs is clean, even the carpets.

In Wednesday's post there is a duck picture. That duck has her nest in that stump in the picture above her. How is she going to get those ducklings out of that nest when it's time? Do you think she will just shove them out into the water or get them to follow her down the stump? hmmmmm


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  1. You answered my previous question here! Poor Bugs but I SO understand...why do they want to keep pebbles that look the same? Especially when it came from your driveway??