Saturday, May 21, 2011

It wasn't the zoo.

We have had such lovely weather the last few days that I had grand plans of going to the zoo today. We woke up to rain! Of course. Grrr. I really wanted to do SOMETHING so I asked Dh to figure something else for us to do. This afternoon we took off for Kayak Point. We love the salty air and water. We took Bolt and Scout with us. We had such a good time. Boys with water, sand, critter's, what isn't to love.

We saw 2 different Bald Eagles. Both were being tormented by smaller birds. This one is being bombed by Jay's. You could hear them fussing at him.

I didn't get a picture of it but a seal came really close to the shore hunting fish. I was standing there and hollered for Bugs to look! We both were pretty impressed, then it was GONE!

Here is the other Eagle. We think it is a young one. It was being bothered by Jay's too. Pesky little suckers!

They were really picking on him now.

So it left!

So we left too. We decided to take the long way home. We were going by the reservation and I wanted to drive through it. I had never been to this one. It's beautiful and they are doing a great Spring clean up and getting ready for Memorial day. It's a really sweet little cemetery.

This one did crack us up! Someone has a sense of humor!

On the way home we saw a coyote but I couldn't get my camera on him fast enough. He was BIG!


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  1. We'll have to make a run to Kayak Point this summer, it really was a fun place to go!