Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hump Day

Today when I was leaving work I came around the shop and saw this. I stopped and just cracked up. Twin girls and their daddy's toy. Funny!

That was going to just be my Wordless Wednesday post but then when Dh and I were fixing dinner he found this bowl in the cupboard. It was part of a set that my grandmother gave us for our wedding. It started as a set of 4. I'm sure just about everyone of the era has a simular set. One broke several years ago. I know it's silly but both my grandmother's are gone and I will keep just about anything for that link to them. I know there is a day coming when my boys will ask What was she thinking???? Anyway....

The bowl in question. When Dh took the bowl out this is what he found........

:( It made me sad. I have the smallest and the biggest bowls left. The little hoarder in me wants to put them away and never use them. But in my heart I know they are just bowls. My grandmother would want me to use them. I have a heart full of memories that would over flow every bowl I have. It's just a bowl but oh so much more. What do you treasure?



  1. Uncle Lyle gave me mine. I'm missing one bowl and we use them weekly. (they are pink) Anything you can do to get the hole mended. I would have a museum if I could :)

  2. Oh Nikki! I am sorry the bowl is broken!