Monday, May 30, 2011

Laura Day 1

I am on the road. My Aunt and I are on a Laura Ingalls Wilder trip. My flights today went well. It's very warm though coming from where it wasn't warm at all. Our goal today was to get out of Tennessee.
See this bag? It was full of all my toiletries and make up and stuff. My shampoo that had never been opened was FULLY open and all through the bag AND the bag that it was in got it too.

Sweetest smelling bag EVER even if it did look like someone puked in it!

The counter with all my washed off stuff! The bags I had to rinse in the tub. So many bubbles!

The Bluegrass state welcomes us!



  1. Such fun! Such excitment!! And a total bummer about the epic battle between bag and shampoo! At least you will know what bag is yours! :) I miss you!!!

  2. Hate when that happens. Once I have purple shampoo only it was in my suitcase. What a mess. Have fun,