Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kayak Point 2

Our Daughter in Law suggested having our dinner out at Kayak Point today. It was iffy if the weather was going to be good enough. We went out mid afternoon. It was very nice. We grilled over a wood fire and the big boys all played soccer. It was a wonderful day.
My friend Rescue Rita and her husband Ray stopped by. Rita is going to be an Auntie and she is so excited! She was practicing on Buster. He loved her! I told her he loved her because she rescued him from jail (the playpen).

Giggling like crazy!

Princess are you feet wet? No! Then she poured water out of her boots! She had so much fun.

I asked Heir to play for me. He did. I love to hear him play. While he was playing T2 was singing under his breath. It was sweet!

T2 . I just buzzed his head last night. He gets so hot in the summer.

DIL and Princess cooking their dog.

Drummer and The Littles on the playground on our way out.

Isn't this hilarious??

Still fearless and a monkey!

Go Buster!

Princess's turn!

I hope you have a blessed week!


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  1. When did Heir's hair get so curly??? Drummer does NOT give me hope for Eli...sigh! We all knew Carmen was a kid at heart...he just wanted a turn on the see-saw! What special song did Heir play for you? Have a great trip my friend!!