Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Nana's house we go........

We had a sleep over last night! Princess and Buster came to stay the night. We had a fun time! We didn't do anything special but we played with My Little Pony's and Noah's Ark and had a good time. Uncle T2 tried to put Buster to bed for me but he just wouldn't stay asleep. Then my friends knocked on the door (we were going walking) and that brought him up. So up he came until later. When I got home from walking Papa had it all under control and we started moving every little person to bed. Princess and Buster slept in Monkey's room. We tucked the 3 of them in and they chattered for a few minutes and then were OUT! It went just great!
We had another sunny day! Princess is an outside girl! She loves to jump on the jumpoline and to look for bugs with Bugs. I wasn't dressed yet so I sent my camera outside with Bugs. He took some good pictures of them outside.

Princess on the slide

Buster trying to get into his Papa's old junk truck.

Bugs and a critter

I showed Bugs how to use the timer. Princess wouldn't sit with them.

Lilacs. They will be beautiful in a few days.

Have a happy Sunday.



  1. I would not sit with them either Princess!

  2. Oh that had fun! My Lilacs are waiting to bloom also!