Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Dinner

Massive picture dump again.
Sunday was a very quiet day. We went to church and got a few groceries on the way home. DIL and Drummer were having dinner at their house this week. I was asked to bring a fruit salad. T2 asked for the cookie version. It worked. They made shishkabobs.(spell check doesn't like that but I don't know what else to try. ) They were good! It wasn't raining but not overly cold.

Papa and Buster

Bugs and Princess flying

A football game is a must!

Drummer & T2

Heir - caught it!

Papa and Monkey swinging Buster


OK, this is where it gets funny. I was telling the big boys about how I had got some good pictures of The Littles yesterday jumping in mid air. I asked them to do it and they thought I was weird but did it any way. Ahhhhhhhh sweet boys!

T2 - this guy has springs in his feet!


Heir Apparent

Then I got the 3 of them to do it at once. We were all laughing.

It's hard to see but it's Drummer leaping over Bugs

T2 over Bugs!

Drummer over T2


T2 throwing Buster. He was laughing so hard.

Princess getting ready to be jumped over.

Bugs jumping over Princess and Monkey

Pass it Princess!

T2 running with Princess, she was the football for the moment.

It was a wonderful time! I really wish my parents could be here for these dinners. They would love it. It's loud but the boys and kids are so funny and it's just interesting the conversations we have.

I hope you have a blessed week


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  1. Looks like a GREAT day! I love the fun photos! There is one of Heir's hair that's really cool! I do love the one of the 3 big ones jumping and they did what you asked!! There's hope yet for me! Love to you all!