Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mama's.

Last weekend I went to our local high school play. They did Wizard of Oz. Some of our scrap booking group kid's were in it. They did a great job! The band learned something like 50 songs. We knew the Scarecrow and the part was made for him! I love high school plays. On Friday I went to another local high school play. They did Grease. The play is a tad different then the movie. But it was a great show. The lead girl - Sandy was one of my sign language students. She did a great job. It was a fun night.

Today was Mother's Day. We got up and went to church. T2 took me to lunch when we got home. Then Heir and Roommate made a great turkey dinner for all of us. DIL had to work so Drummer was there with the kids. Roommate's mom came too. We all had such a good time. After dinner the boys were playing a game and Princess was having a turn. She is trying really hard to share. Her turn was up and one of the guys were playing. She went to Papa and said "Papa I want to play!" He said it's not your turn baby. You have to share. She looked at him with the biggest eyes and said AGAIN??? LOL I didn't have the heart to tell her the rest of your life Princess.

I hope you all have had a great day.
Have a blessed week.


  1. Oh Lili, if you only knew. Bless her beautiful heart.

  2. I just have to say, sharing is NOT all it's cracked up to be! :)