Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh no she didn'n

This has been a buuuuuuusy week. And SO MUCH FUN! I'll esplain.... Wait, that will take to long, I'll just sum up. 10 points to the person who can name that movie.......
Wed night was Cheila's birthday. (birthday club) She picked Mexican. We went to a place in Everett. It was good. It's always nice to see the ladies. We were missing a few and had a few newbies. No one went home hungry.
Thursday I went to Charlotte's. She was feeling pretty good but this next week she has another round so it will be an icky week. It gets worse as she goes. She will be bald when I see her next. There was hair all over the house. When I swept the bathroom there was a pretty impressive pile of hair and I started to tear and choke up. I told myself to knock it off and to put a smile on my face, I'm not the one who has cancer and it's not about me and Charlotte does not need to deal with my tears. Sigh. I just want this to be over for her.
Then when I was done there I raced home and ran through the shower to try and get to Enumclaw by 4:30. I was clipping along FINE UNTIL Seattle then it just stopped. I almost howled! I was doing so good! I was going to be late so I called Anita and asked her to meet me at the Super Mall. We did and left from there. We went to Olive Garden for dinner. It was so nice to have an adult dinner with her. She is so much fun and the daughter/sister/friend of my heart. This has been a very good year for us. We have seen each other so much and we can almost convince ourselves we live closer then we do. After dinner we hit I-5 S again and came to a fast STOP again! We made it to the Tacoma dome in OK time and then it took 45 minutes to get in the parking lot. THEN we were told we couldn't park there and they re-routed us down an alley and then right into a parking lot right outside the door for $15 less. WEIRD! But they must have held the show because it hadn't started yet. We were so excited. We were there to see Jeff Dunham and all his friends. Brian Haner opened for him. They both did GREAT jobs. We laughed so hard! My stomach hurt! There were people there with younger kids and that disturbed me but they aren't my kids. Jeff is an adult comedian. I know he's not for everyone but we had an absolute blast and have waited for a long time to go! It really was a good time for us.
After we got out, we decided to go find the new Sonic's in Puyallup. It's really not that far out of the way and we needed dessert. We found it ( with help from Skater boy and Google) and had an ice cream treat. Then as we were driving back down - the exact way we had come up - I said, Anita you know where we are now right? She laughed - HYSTERICALLY! She is the MOST directionally challenged person I know. She is also the first person I've seen get lost WITH a Garmen. When I told/showed her we had been up there before, last Fall we met there for dinner. Then we had a great laugh! She really is so funny. She took me back to my car and I had
to head on home. I got home after 1:30. It's a good think I'm off on Fridays.
While Anita and I were off having fun Rescue Rita took Bugs to have his picture made. Her daughter Melinda just started work at a photography place and needed a practice subject so Bugs was it. I think she did a pretty good job! They always have fun together.
Friday I cleaned my house and did some laundry and got groceries. My cupboards were pretty scary. No one will starve now. It's all good. I hope your weekend is going just as you planned.

Anita after the show.

Brian Haner.

The pictures loaded funny and I cannot fix them without harm to my computer. So here they are as they are. :)


  1. I'm SO scary!!!! There are times I have to sit in the drive way to figure how to get somewhere far because I can't remember! I know of noone else who gets lots with a Garmin!!!

  2. By the way...good pictures of Bugs...bad picture of me :) I like the picture of Bugs with his hand under his chin and the one of him and Rescue Rita was very cute!

  3. You had way too much fun this week.. I think the frog on the head is one I need!

  4. Oh and I wanted you to post pics of Charlotte's "Compound" heh heh... Well it will keep her mind of things~