Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today has been a VERY low keyed day. I did get dressed, that's always a plus. T2 and I went and got the rest of what we need for Thanksgiving day. I think. There is usually always something forgotten but no one ever seems to go hungry without. :) We will all be together this year. I am excited to see Princess, and her parents.
Dh told me a story last night in bed that about made me want to get up in the night and move to a new home. Anyone who knows me will TOTALLY get it. So here is his story. Remember we are laying in bed talking. This is as if he is talking......
Babe as I was in bed just as I was falling asleep ( I was scrap booking - way late, he went to bed before I got home) I kept hearing a scratching noise. I was sure it was in the wall but I kept listening and it would stop. I thought oh my word there is a critter in the wall! I hope there isn't a rat or raccoon (both possible here) in the attic and one has fallen down the wall or something. The scratching went on and finally I got up and turned the light on and stood and listened and realized it was coming from the closet. I slowly opened the door and OUT pops Carmel! We both laughed so hard. He had shut her in, she likes to sleep on shoes when she's not sleeping with Monkey. When he went to bed he must have shut the door all the way and locked her in. He said she was pretty indignant about being shut up. LOL Oh we had a good laugh and he realized how lucky he was that we were not loading our van and going to a motel until whaterver it was caught. Both Carmel and Angel are lucky too, if I EVER find a critter in my house they are both GONE!
I hope you have a blessed week.


  1. I'm with you Nikki! I've told Phil if we ever have any critters find their way in and that includes ants to field mice to squirrels ... he will have his work cut out for him while I go to a motel!

  2. I may stop laughing in 24 hours! How I can just SO picture Carmen telling you that story! I'm amazed he got to the end before you had the keys in your hand!

  3. LOL AHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! My stomach hurts!

  4. I can see Carmen standing in the middle of the room ever so quietly with his head cocked to the side ever so slightly...