Monday, November 23, 2009

For Joy

If you didn't read yesterdays post, do that first.
This morning as I was getting my morning tea water I looked out and there was a rat in the squirrel feeder eating the squirrel food! We live by a pond and a green belt so it does happen but we haven't seen any in a while, but what are the odds! De con in the wood pile again. Only us. THEN..........
I was dusting a kids room today and when I opened the blinds THIS is what I found. *sigh* Sick little suckers! I know they aren't real, they don't even look real but if you had rats on your brain and you opened a blind and weren't expecting them you would squeal too!

That's how my Monday started. Then I didn't get to go to Curves tonight. I will have to go tomorrow.
I did actually see a few moments of sun today, then it started raining, isn't that new and unusual? OH you detect a small note of sarcasm? Yes you do! TIRED of it.
May your days be rat less!


  1. MY SKIN IS CRAWLING!!! I think I just shivered a little...

  2. BRING ME DEPENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. OMG! I opened your blog, saw my name and then the picture and nearly jumped out of my skin!!! Not funny children. Then there is the rat in the squirrel feeder ... REALLY????

    Years ago I had a big rat get into my garage and died at the bottom of the stairs going out my kitchen door. I was trapped in my house until Phil came home 'cause I didn't know it was dead. Why it died where it did we never knew but I said, it could only happen to me who is rat/mouse/snake phobic!!!

  4. LOL oh Joy~ remind me to tell you the snake in the washer story :)