Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Monday

I did not want to get up today. I did though. :D
I have 2 precious ladies that I call the Hens. They are very good friends and they look out for each other. They are both in their 80's. I was at M's today. When I get there I normally just knock and go in and holler HELLO. Today the house was dark and the door was locked. Totally not the normal. M uses oxygen and had been in the hospital last month. My heart dropped to my feet! I was so scared something had happened. I went to my van and dug out her number and dialed - praying please answer please God let her answer. She did! I almost sobbed when she said hello. I said M! I'm at the front door. She said Oh I took a shower and thought I had left it unlocked. I said don't rush (one time the other Hen came to the door in a towel) . She came (fully dressed) and it was all I could do to not hug/squeeze her. She would have been totally clueless as to why. I just love these 2 precious ladies.
Ashley and Caleb came down for a time this afternoon. The Littles act like they have a new toy or puppy every time he comes. All 3 of them wrestle and are crazy with each other. They really love to play though. It was just to ugly to go outside. Then they went home and Dh was here and I went to Curves. They (the Curves Smart computer) keeps upping my goal. It's kicking my butt!
Tame' and I went walking last night(she is home from Arizona) and went tonight also. It was cold but not raining. Half way around our first lap the sky's opened up and it poured on us. The rain wasn't bad enough so it had to start really blowing too. By the time I got home and in the house I was soaked clear to my skin. What a lovely feeling. THEN as I was just going to get into a warm shower, T2 had gotten up to get ready for work and showered and used all the hot water! Life just isn't always kind. LOL Such is my Monday.


  1. That might have been grounds for a good butt kicking for T2!!! Glad The Hens were ok!

  2. I just want to say that I love your posts! No matter what you write about, I enjoy every word. You really have a talent! Keep it up, okay?

  3. OMW I KNOW you needed the shower!!!!!!!!!