Monday, November 16, 2009

Well BLOW me down!

Last night and today and into tomorrow is CRAZY weather. The wind woke us up several times in the night. We felt the house shift and groan then shudder. It's not suppose to be better until tomorrow. I have thought several times KANSAS here we come! The news said tonight that we have 40 mph wind gusts and maybe up to 7 inches of rain tonight. Oh joy oh rapture!

Yesterday I said I had jogged and got the cutest comment from my cousin Joy. She said something about a marathon. I almost spit my drink on my monitor. I love walking but mostly am a fair weather walker. I don't like walking in the rain. We usually walk late at night and that doesn't bug me, the rain does. I don't actually want to be a runner but I love watching people run, they look so free or something. I think if I was going to run there would have to be someone chasing me with a gun.

This is T2 yesterday. Both Bolt and Scout were asleep until I moved and stood by him then they glared at me. It just made me smile.

Yesterday Bolt and Scout (Actually Bugs) had a visitor come to play. His name is Shadow and he belongs to a friend of Bugs. He is a few months old and a doxie. He was shaky at first then he just started playing and playing with Bolt and Scout.

Scout was so excited to see someone smaller then her. They played very well together. I was proud of our 2, they were nice to the baby and played with him.
They ran and played until they all collapsed.

I hope you have great day.


  1. Auntie Em! Auntie Em! There's no place like home!

  2. Im proud of your kids playing with their friend :)