Saturday, November 21, 2009

Noah, Build an Ark!

I have been trying to upload a video of Scout and Bolt wrestling since Wed. I give UP! NOW it has ticked me off. So trust me when I say Wordless Wednesday was going to be good! Since it now is Saturday I have given up on Wednesday.
Thursday I saw Charlotte. She was having chemo so was gone before I got there. She came home before I left. She confirmed with what I already knew. She is bald. The next 4 sets of chemo is the kind that will make her bald AND shiny. Isn't that swell?!? I know everyone is thinking/praying good things for her. She is doing well thus far. It's good.
Friday I went to my scrap booking thing. I got quite a bit done. We did spend a good deal laughing. Mostly about cat barf. Carol has a cat that won't stop puking. I said I have been known to levitate up out of bed at the sound that a cat makes when it's going to happen, fly down the hall and pick up said cat and HURL it out the deck door. Then that led to the graphic display of how you give a cat med's. I think all of us were in stitches! I made it through Ryman Hall and am ready to start on Star's homes! It's going to be a HUGE book. I love it so far!
That brings us to today. Eli is 1! I cannot believe that baby is 1! He was walking all over and being all big. He is such a precious baby.
Here are some pictures. OH and at Anita/Franks there was my Littles, Anita's 4, and 3 nephews! House Of Boys! 2 nieces and Skater boy were there too, but they weren't loud in fray of boys!

Skater and T2. I can't remember if T2 is coming or going to work.

Spiderman - Dru



Bat Bugs

Birthday boy! Daddy(Frank) came in the door and he left me!

Eli and Mommy opening presents. Eli left after the first one and Anita did such a good of opening gifts.


Cake BLISS!!!!

All clean and playing peek a boo in the kid cupboard.



  1. Eli eating his cake was hysterical!! He couldn't get the sugar in there fast enough! I'll have to post the video Frank took tomorrow...maybe I'll have better luck than you have had. Thank you so much for coming and being there for me and helping! I appreciate it so much! Eli is so funny when his daddy gets home...I want to be greeted like that..not with crying.

  2. and a good time was had by all... UNWARD AND UPWARD!