Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Full Monty

Here is the cast of characters for today.
Charlotte - Mrs. Client, friend, Cancer butt kicker.
Ken - Mr. Client.
Curtis - woosey big black lab/pit mix.

Charlotte came home today from her chemo about 2. I was about an hour from done. We talked for a few minutes and so I was a bit behind schedule at this point. MY FAULT. Fast forward to 3:30 is. Ken came in with the mail and news paper. He said what he does every time to me, "It sure smells good in here Nikki." I said Thank you. I was putting things away and starting the last load of laundry with the rags in it, just finishing up. He was cold and wet from working outside so he went to the shower to warm and clean up and get on clean clothes. I went into the family room to meet The Nephew and to tell Charlotte the plan for next week and good bye. As I walked down the hall Curtis came out of his hiding place that he runs to every time I start the vacuum. This great big dog who is suppose to be mean is afraid of the vacuum. HORRIBLY afraid. As Curtis came down the hall to me to ask to go outside I said " Hi baby!" Now as I am saying this Ken is opening the bedroom door. I see a naked shoulder and turn and continue outside with Curtis. Ken says SORRY and shuts the door. (He has assumed I have left, which I hadn't) I said No worries I saw nothing. I AM DYING INSIDE. I know he thinks I've just said HI BABY TO HIM! I walk BACK to the family room with what I know is a bright red face to Charlotte laughing and she asked did you get a tidy whitey show? I said NO I think it might have been the Full Monty, but I didn't see anything BUT as he was opening the door I said Hi Baby to CURTIS. I put my head down on the back of the couch ( I was kneeling behind it) Charlotte started laughing so hard I think she might have peed herself. I am pretty sure my face is still red. When I was leaving Ken said see you next week Nikki. I died a thousand deaths. LOL I am sure Charlotte got the "you should have warned me we weren't alone" talk after I left. Oh it was funny.
I hope something made you smile today.
PS - Ken was taking his dirty clothes to put them in the washer to wash with what I had just started.


  1. A THOUSAND Deaths!!!!! I can see the whole thing in my head!!!

  2. I laughed all night!!!!!!!!! It made Charlottes day a happy one :)