Friday, November 6, 2009

This is it.

This is Thought Salad.
  • Heir apparent and T2 and I went to see Michael Jackson's This is it tonight. It was very good. Not what I thought it would be at all. I was worried it would be a glorified snuff film and it wasn't. No mention of his death at all. Just MJ dancing and singing and rehearsing. He seemed to be a perfectionist and knew what he wanted. He expressed it in a very kind and gentle way. He never wasted one movement. He really was poetry in motion. He seemed to be very kind to everyone. It was a good movie. I'm very sorry for his families loss.
  • I brought Dh home some popcorn and the rest of the M&M's. He was pleased.
  • The leaves are almost totally gone off of our tree. The neighbors will be totally thrilled when it's done. :) I wish they didn't stress over something that happens every year. Just seems such a waste of emotion and time to me.
  • I want to be Bette Midler when I grow up.
  • I realized there is no more babies for us so I really do need to go through all the baby clothes and maybe set a box for each boy aside and get rid of all of it. That seems very strange and not sure I can do it yet. But I do know it needs to be done. Soon.
  • I have a GINORMOUS cold sore (I know - pretty!) and I have no clue why. I haven't been sick. The only thing I can think of is that I have been taking lots of extra vitamins so I don't get sick and then make Charlotte sick. Then I missed 2 days. Who knows.
  • My own house REALLY needs some time and undivided attention from me.
  • The Littles both need a haircut.

I hope you have a good weekend.



  1. You just made my heart stop and I had to catch my more babies!!! I might just curl up and cry for a very very long time!

  2. There are grandchildren, wonderful grandchildren and you will be surprised at how much more you enjoy them! I REALLY want to see the MJ move.. REALLY. I'm just so positive it will not show here.