Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Haircut Tuesday

Today I went to work and then The Littles and Skater dude had dentist appointments. Monkey finally let them do x-rays. He just could not do it last time. He looks good. He already has his 6 year molars. Bugs looks good too. BUT they each have one little tiny cavity. They have no school tomorrow so Rescue Rita is taking them in for me so I don't have to miss work. Skater had no cavities which is great since he has braces. They want him to floss more. HA. Good luck with that. They all brush well, flossing, not so much.
After the dentist Skater dude wanted to come home and since I was already out and Bugs is having his picture made on Thursday we went to get The Littles haircuts. They were shaggy boys. This is Monkey before.

Bugs during......

Monkey during...

And after. Handsome guys.

Monkey was trying his serious/tough face.
I then made dinner and then watched Biggest Looser. I cannot believe Shay lost 17 pounds and STILL fell before the yellow line. Maddening. I wanted Abby to win but she already went home. No one listens to me. :) Have a great day.


  1. oh Isaac's face! That's so funny! errrrrrr I mean 'serious'.

  2. Monkey cracks me up! And just for the record, I think on a matter of principal people just don't listen to us...Can't wait for tommorrow!!!