Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Weekend

The last 2 days have been fun. It's always fun to have the Princess here. They are staying with us this trip so we get to wake up to her giggles. No one here had any interest in Black Friday shopping and it was very nice to sleep in! Drummer and Dil have many people to visit so they took off in my van. Then all the big brothers met at Heir's house last night and who knows what time they got home the wee hours of this morning. We didn't' hear them and they had fun. That's all that matter's to me.
Today DIL and Princess and I went and wondered around Kohl's and Ross for a few hours. It was fun and didn't seem terribly busy. I found Baby Joel a pair of shoes. Drummer loves them. They are a skater shoe brand and look just like skate shoes only soft leather. Very cute. Heir stopped by tonight for pie. I told him I was going to start throwing it all out soon so he said NO I will be over for dinner tomorrow again. LOL I think whatever is left tomorrow night, goes.
DIL and Princess in the morning.

Laughing Princess

Her curls. They do not go straight even dripping wet. Her Papa loves them!

Uncle Bugs and a piggyback ride.

Uncle Bugs and Princess

I have loved having us all together so much. The weekend isn't over yet. Yeah!


  1. Just LOVE the Edgerton hair :)

  2. Ummm I'd like to see pics of the shoes! I like Kohls..not a fan of Ross...chaos in that store.

  3. I was also gonna say that DIL looks very Joel is taking a lot out of his momma.