Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there. I love my dad and wish we could have been together. They will be over next weekend and that will be good.
T2 planned his dad's day today and he did a great job. Since I got in so late last night we all slept in today. I made bacon and eggs breakfast for everyone and puttered around. Dh read his paper in leisure and then napped in the chair. Drummer and his family came for pizza dinner that T2 got and cooked. It was a nice slow paced day. Dh said he had a great day. That's what counts.
Tonight I put 4 finger's behind my back. I told Monkey to pick a number between 1 - 10. He picked 5, then I asked Bug's to pick, he picked 9. Monkey won. What he won was the first trip into the shower. He was MAD! He didn't want to go first. He wanted to do rock paper scissors. I said No, you need to just go get in the shower. He went to the bathroom and shut the door. We both thought he was in the tub. NOPE! He was in there FUMING! He hollered at me through the door. I couldn't hear him so I went in and when he was still standing there dressed I said WHAT?? He said.... I don't want to do it your way. I don't like that you made me pick a number. I want to do it my way and I don't want to take a shower first. I stopped him and said GET IN THE SHOWER NOW! I left. He was crying that I hurt his feelings.
Dh went in to hurry the process along. He asked his dad if he would talk to me about not being respectful. Dh tried to tell him his job was just to obey and if he did that then he was being respectful and then I would be respectful and all would just be lovely. Well that did not go over well. Dh left to come giggle to me in the kitchen and then he went back to the bath to check on Monkey to make sure he was using soap and all that stuff. Monkey asked his dad if he had talked to me about being respectful yet. Dh came out just laughing. He said Honey it's really hard to take a kid serious that is talking to you wearing blue goggles in the bathtub! So that ends our day. :)
I hope you have a blessed week.

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  1. USE soap...that's the operative word! However I agree with do you take a kid seriously when he's wearing goggles in the tub????